Larraya, brand identityand ecommerce

A pastry shop aimed at all those hedonists who value the highest quality and want to indulge in a treat, where industrial processes are reduced to a minimum to be replaced by artisanal processes.

Larraya, the Clock Pastry Shop, where time stops and pleasure begins.

A new brand of artisanal pastry, focused on luxury and the highest quality, with extreme care for details and natural ingredients and specialized in eclairs.

A luxury pastry shop in Madrid where, upon crossing the threshold of its door, time slows down and the need arises to enjoy a moment of unforgettable pleasure, a unique moment: the Moment of the day.

At Larraya, excellence is sought both in the ingredients used and in their preparations, all of which are artisanal, to offer their customers incomparable products, of the highest quality, that manage to convey the passion that goes into making them.

About this project

Our relationship with Larraya has been very special from day one. From the moment Javier – its founder – told us his vision and business idea, we understood the value and excitement of this project as if it was ours.

We thus became one of their prominent collaborators, in charge of managing the brand identity, corporate graphic design, digital marketing and ecommerce.

When creating the new visual identity and brand manual, we invited Timing Studio to collaborate with us. And once the brand and its personality were defined, Ensegna built a completely new ecommerce site that not only incorporates the new corporate identity, but will also provide support as a second digital sales channel to the premises and workshop located in one of the best areas of Madrid.

The details

Client:Pastelería Larraya, S.L.
Based in:Madrid
Year built:2023 (ongoing)
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Shopify