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Komos Foundation is committed to giving back to the Tequila region. They believe that together, they can create great tequila, be sustainable, and support the local community.

In the region of Tequila, Mexico, there is a unique opportunity to create a new solution using an age-old building technique in the region, adobe bricks.‍

In the early 2000’s, Komos co-CEO and master distiller Richard Betts pioneered the process to use agave waste to create adobe bricks that are committed to the community to support local infrastructure. In 2019, Richard and Tequila Komos launched the Komos Foundation in collaboration with their distillery partners.

Today, the Komos Foundation is on the ground leading the change in Tequila, with the ambition to get as many other Tequileros involved as possible.

About this project

Our friends at CKBG trusted us yet again for this very special project of them. Their worldwide tequila brand Komos set up their Foundation in Tequila, MX, and they were in need of an equally special website to communicate their unique value proposal.

After many years taking care of their Australian produced wine brand website, Richard Betts approached us with: “another website please?
So we gladly jumped in, and delivered ; )

The details

Client:Casa Komos Brand Group
Based in:New York
Year built:2023 (ongoing)
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Webflow