Aniza Designecommerce

A home collection combining Mexican artisan textiles with refined European fabrics, bringing together design and ancestral craftsmanship

Aniza works with local artisans to support their craftmanship and help preserve the rich cultural textile heritage of Mexico. In Europe they work with family owned companies still producing locally and with a savoire faire cultivated through generations.

Their collections unite continents by respectfully interweaving Mexican and European textiles, showcasing their beauty through sophisticated simplicity, while working with natural fibers, -mostly wool, cotton and linen- dyed using natural pigments to respect ancient traditions…

About this project

The founder of Aniza Designed contacted us to help them develop a corporate website that could reflect their commitment in offering a specialized and naturally crafted product which collaborates with non-profit organizations. Working hand in hand with their designer we came up with this clean yet powerful website, in which all the importance and visual focus relies on the product itself.

The details

Client:Iza Studio BV
Based in:Amsterdam, Paris
Year built:2015
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Wordpress, Woocommerce