Solventis financial groupwebsite

An independent financial group established in 2002 by a team of professionals with backgrounds in different areas of the investment banking sector

Solventis represents a new concept in the financial service sector, which is evidenced by their governing principles: diligence, specialization, commitment and independence. Their executive team is made up of professionals with relevant academic training and highly valuable experience gained in consolidated financial institutions.

Corporate Finance, Financial Consulting, Asset Management and Real Estate are the four main business areas in which the company undertakes its activities.

About this project

Being financial advisors for another client of ours, we were referred to them by the former to help them build a website that was worth of their positioning and prestige amongst the financial industry. We can say that we get along really well so we ended up handling and developing every phase of the project, including web architecture and UX, art direction and responsive layout, coding and programming and a CMS for content management.

The details

Client:Solventis A.V.,S.A.
Based in:Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo
Year built:2016
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Joomla