Tapas to go!ecommerce

The original Tapas experience to take away!

It is said that tapas were imposed in the XIII century by Spanish king Alfonso X, nicknamed “the wise”, to avoid excessive drunkenness in taverns. You may also hear that the word “tapas” -lids- comes from the habit of covering wine glasses with a slide of cold meat to avoid flies falling into the liquid. Whatever their origin is, they are definitely a great idea!

Tapas to go! is a new product thought for the 60 million tourists who visit Spain every year. With Tapas to go! they can get a surprising gift to share something more than delicious food: they now can share knowledge about this country, its different cultures and brands doing a good job.

About this project

The creatives and owners behind this new groundbreaking idea contacted us to bring their concept into a visual, clear, trendy and easy-to-browse website. The idea was to create a web shop to sell these Tapas to Go! worldwide, thus the briefing included requirements such as responsive layout design and a fast and reliable CMS system to keep the site up to date. All this features were delivered accordingly and the site is now live for you to browse. Yummy!

The details

Client:La Lola ya no Vive Aquí S.L.
Based in:Madrid
Year built:2014-2015
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Wordpress