Spiral Painters digitalization& website

We digitalized an international painting company for the retail and institutional sectors throughout Europe.

Established more than 25 years ago in Madrid, Spain, the company has achieved an amazing growth in the last decade, expanding to 5 countries in Europe (Belgium, Spain, France, The Netherlands and Luxembourg). While this exponential growth was great both for the company and their clients, as it happens quite often, their online marketing had been kept on lower priority so it wasn’t speaking wonders about them on the internet.

On 2019, after their huge expansion, they were experiencing a consolidation period in which they needed to increase their lead funnel via digitalization and marketing improvements. And then we met them. Isn’t that perfect timing?

About this project

A plan was traced to make the digital transition of the company. We studied their processes, understood their needs, and came up with cloud-based solutions for their day-to-day operations that resulted in cross-device sync of files, emails, documents and accounting that produced a big productivity step forward for Spiral.

We modernized the logo, which was outdated by today’s standard’s, making it simpler and flatter. And from that point we build new digital brand guidelines that were implemented in a complete new layout responsive website.

The details

Client:Spiral Servicios de Pintura Integral S.L.
Based in:Madrid, Brussels, Hasselt
Year built:2019
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Wordpress