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Technology is revolutionizing the financial industry. Qbitia focuses on innovation to help you lead the future.

Founded in 2011, and a part of the Solventis Group since 2020, Qbitia provides solutions to banks, investment firms, fund managers and other companies in the areas of valuation, financial risks, data management and process automation, covering all regulatory requirements.

Headquartered in Spain and with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Vigo, Chicago and London, the company set out to develop and market the multi-award-winning algorithmic trading platform QCAID. Nowadays it offers a wide portfolio of products to clients around the world.

About this project

When they identified the need for a complete new website to reflect their market positioning, and having worked together with the parent group of companies Solventis for years, they decided to trust Ensegna as their development partner.

We developed every phase of the project, including mobile UX, digital design, web development, a CMS for content management and a custom reinforced security setting, as is required to all financial institutions.

The details

Client:Qubitia Solutions S.L.
Based in:Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Vigo, Chicago, London
Year built:2021 (ongoing)
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Wordpress