Flavourspace BVwebsite

Your personal artificially intelligent sous-chef that lets you make amazing and surprising food every day

Entrepreneurs at Flavourspace startup have developed a taste-based software platform in which artificial intelligence algorithms inspire and empower people to create their own dishes.

When using Flavourspace app you can take your taste buds for the wildest ride or park them right back in your grandma’s kitchen, by letting you navigate through known and unknown realms of flavours and find foods that you already love or those that are strangely familiar.

About this project

The app needed a landing page that could be visually attractive to both foodies and techies, while clearly stating how this innovative software works and showing the huge benefits this kind of intelligent tool could bring to food related businesses. We were given the task to create this landing page that worked as a teaser before the tool becomes available to the public.

The details

Client:Flavourspace BV
Based in:Amsterdam
Year built:2015
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Wordpress