Celera talent programbrand & website

A three-year program focused on accelerating the professional and socio-emotional capabilities of Spanish young talents, rather than projects.

Celera was born to help young talent in Spain gain awareness, and the aim of giving them enough reasons to stay and develop a career in Spain. Thus, generating references that contribute to improving our society in the near future.

Participants receive tailored training, and talks, workshops, courses and activities are organised to provide guidance for the development of their skills. Profiles of outstanding young people from a diverse range of fields, such as physics, mathematics, engineering, psychology, economics, communications, medicine or entrepreneurship.

Celera is a 5-year-old community which has already helped more than 60 Spanish talents reach their professional and personal goals. Ensegna was honored to share our digital expertise with this amazing group of people and to complete the exciting project of redesigning their brand and website.

About this project

Celera is optimistic about the future, they want to keep growing and helping their participants so they could generate even more impact in tomorrow’s society. And because growing doesn’t come without renovation, they gave us the task to redesign their identity and logo.

The new logo is an update from their previous identity, keeping the same values of excellence, restlessness and youth while taking it to a next level of coolness and innovation that will enable Celera to keep gaining awareness within the society.

Following the brand update, and based on a new technological framework, we built a completely new website that aims to further engage new participants and attract related media.

The details

Client:Asociación Celera
Based in:Madrid
Year built:2019 (ongoing)
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Wordpress