Aurea home cinemaspeakers

True Cinema Sound At Home. Charming sound, flat response and amazing customization possibilities

The team behind the Aurea brand have been designing and manufacturing professional cinema sound systems for almost 20 years. They are now applying that expertise and know-how to bring the very same cinema experience to your home theatre.

With their most sophisticated customers in mind, Aurea is manufactured by professionals with professional European components. And meant for true professional applications which require a true high-end response.

About this project

Aurea is a new brand to its market, only born in 2015. So the company behind the brand needed to develop a corporate website that could reflect their commitment with the hi-end audio experts and the charming sound, flat response and amazing customization possibilities that their are offering. We worked hand in hand with their product designers and came up with this clean yet powerful website, in which all the importance and visual focus relies on the product itself.

The details

Client:VCL Sound Experience S.L.
Based in:Madrid
Year built:2017 (ongoing)
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Wordpress