The Thinking Hut BVwebsite

A new and fresh creative co-working space in Amsterdam. An environment where people can feel comfortable working, sharing, engaging and in essence, creating

The Thinking Hut is the materialized dream of a group of friends who go a long way and share a relationship that has always circled around a common, shared space. By the end of 2012, due to a space shortage for one of our own projects, we decided to take the search for a new space to the next level, opening up an environment where more like-minded people could share their knowledge and experience, and have some fun!

About this project

Our founder being one of those friends, we were naturally given the task of developing the online presence of this new and fascinating project. While the art direction and desktop layout was created by another member of the team, we took if from there to design the different layouts for responsive behaviour, and to make the whole project a reality by developing this multi-coloured parallax website.

The details

Client:The Thinking Hut BV
Based in:Amsterdam
Year built:2013 (ongoing)
Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, responsive