• The fifth largest spanish pharma company by turnover listed on the Spanish stock market.

    Art direction | UX design | Layout design | Tech lead | Web development | CMS

  • The original Tapas experience to take away!

    UX design | Layout design | Tech lead | Web development | CMS

  • A creative innovation agency that transforms the way brands & organisations engage and enable people.

    Layout design | Tech lead | Web development

    A journal of fashion and culture.

    Tech lead | Web development

  • Helping patients with MS to enhance their quality of life.

    UX design | Layout design | Tech lead | Web development | CMS

  • A new creative co-working space in Amsterdam, for people to feel comfortable working, sharing, engaging and creating.

    Tech lead | Layout design | Web development | CMS

Project status

What brings me here

Wannabe architect.
Graphic designer by chance.
Web developer by conviction.

"When I started developing websites there weren´t such things as Facebook or Twitter, and the only concept of a social network  was a vague idea.

Back in the time, us web developers should only test our work on 2 browsers, and the very idea of surfing the net on a cellular device called smartphone seemed from the future. So yes, it was a pretty long time ago.

Since then, I have developed for brands such as Barclays, Bwin, Carrefour, Citröen, Coca-cola, Diageo, Henkel, L´Oreal, McDonald´s, Microsoft, Mini, P&G, Repsol, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Tampax, Telefonica, Unilever, Vodafone, Volkswagen, and some more..."

Carlos Wassmann, Ensegna founder.

Currently based between Amsterdam and Madrid, and available for projects worldwide, contact me.


From the Blog

Want to delete all the babies from your facebook? Someone read your mind

Want to delete all the babies from your facebook? Someone read your mindEver felt like closing your browser after watching your friend´s babies all over the screen? Ever felt like leaving a facebook conversation where everything that shows up are babies? Today is your lucky day, as someone read your mind and launched this clever extension named unbaby.me, available for your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Urban art by dispatchers worldwide

Urban art by dispatchers worldwideVariety is the spice of life. Or to put it another way, Lego is the spice of life. What was started by the German artist Jan Vormann to challenge public architectonic and sculptural spaces has now become a global movement: dispatchwork.



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